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Material and methods
Bone studies



For sub-fossil records from archaeological assemblages and for diet analysis of carnivore vertebrates it is necessary to identify the fish species by single bones of the cranial and the axial skeleton. There are a lot of bone studies for particular fish species or sometimes osteological comparisons within a set of species of a single family. But apart from otoliths and maybe the pharyngeal teeth of the Cyprinidae only very few identification keys exist managing partly the identification of cranial fish bones for several species and families (e. g. Libois & Hallet-Libois 1987 and 1988). With the software "Bone Base Baltic Sea" this lack of applicable keys for the Baltic Sea will be overcome with the purpose to help producing better results in diet analysis and zooarchaeological studies.

Aims of the software
  1. Providing a bone database with pictures from the particular bones of each species.

  2. Providing several ways for the identification (including a classical dichotomous key) of the single bones of the most abundant/important fish species in the middle-western part of the Baltic Sea.


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